Slideshow of photos from the Knowledge Economy Forum


The KEN Annual Forum deals with various aspects of knowledge economy – each year with a different emphasis, and takes 1 ½ day. It is an event culminating from preparatory workshops and/or policy dialogues – producing specific recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders. The program of 2014 Forum – to be defined in detail with the Host and other relevant institutions – will address the topics under the common title “Building Knowledge Economy through Innovation Ecosystem – The role of Innovation Hubs”.

In the evening of the first day of the Forum, traditional KEN Awards will be presented in five categories: education, R&D, innovation, and entrepreneurship, plus the contribution of the media and/or NGO to knowledge economy.

The standard program of the Forum is structured in the following way: evening before a welcome reception, first day morning the opening ceremony, the first plenary session, and first part of thematic tables debate. Afternoon is reserved for second part of thematic tables, and KEN General Meeting. The evening is devoted to the Awards Ceremony, and second morning to presentation of good practice, reports from thematic tables and adoption of resolution and recommendations. facebook twitter Flickr YouTube