Slideshow of photos from the Knowledge Economy Forum

EREF-2010 Workshops

FDI in Strengthening Regional Knowledge-based Competitiveness

Date: 23 April, 2010.
Location: Graz, Austria.

Organised by: Internationalisierungs Center Steiermark and Styria Municipality
Rapporteur: Michael Azodanloo


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Circulation of Scientific Talent and Communication with Diasporas

Date: 11 May, 2010.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

Organised by: TuR&Bo & TUBITAK
Rapporteur: Mehmet Gökgöz


Photo gallery of EREF-2010 Istanbul Workshop

View the photo gallery from the Istanbul workshop

Reaching Global Competitiveness through Reforms of Tertiary Education Systems

Date: 27 May, 2010.
Location: Gorizia, Italy.

Organised by: Municipality of Gorizia and Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Rapporteur: Giorgio Perini

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