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Our Mission

As a Network growing into a Movement,  KEN offers to Triple Helix partners in European regions & local communities a platform for knowledge society development, with particular emphasis on human capital.

Principle objective of KEN is to contribute to conditions which will facilitate the implementation of the above criteria in the real life in European regions and (beyond) in the broader international community.

The key general objective of KEN is to support ambitious European regions and local communities in upgrading their knowledge-based competitiveness.

This is pursued through the following specific objectives:

(a)  increase awareness of the critical importance of developing knowledge society, and upgrading knowledge-based competitiveness through stronger entrepreneurship, and supported by responsible governance;

(b)  motivate stakeholders and encourage policy-makers to play an active role in creative dialogues on European future with special emphasis on knowledge economy issues;

(c)   enhance members’ European and wider contacts and cooperation (internationalisation);

(d)  disseminate cases of good practice among the membership and to organisations from the Network’s mailing list. facebook twitter Flickr YouTube