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The decision making body of the Network is the Brussels Steering Committee –  with a Secretariat, composed of president, vicepresident, secretary, treasury and 3 members responsible for key activities: communication, networking, and funding.

On major issues of content the Network is to be supported and guided by the International Advisory Board (11-15 members). The Board will be composed of representatives of Network Patrons and Partners, as well as some internationally recognized experts on knowledge society. The Board will be established before mid-December 2010.

The Forum in Nova Gorica has an KEN Organizing Committee taking care of practical issues of the annual Forum and its accompanying activities.

The role of the Network's Secretariat has been entrusted for a 3-year period to the Brussels-based Slovenian Business & Research Association, SBRA, a non-profit association registered in Belgium as an »asbl«.

Contracts with patrons, partners,  and sponsors guarantee full transparency of financial management with KEN funds, due reporting to the International Advisory Board and Steering Committee, as well as an independent annual audit.

In order to maintain complete independence from EU institutions, KEN Network is not seeking any funding from EU institutions. facebook twitter Flickr YouTube