Slideshow of photos from the Knowledge Economy Forum


Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) has evolved from the European Regional Economic Forum (EREF), which started its activities in 2005 with an annual Forum organised in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It grew into an informal network of 16 European regions and countries, interested in boosting their knowledge-based competitiveness, exchanging good practice, encouraging collaboration and implementing new knowledge into innovative products. Also, the Network facilitated active dialogue between policy makers and the Triple Helix stakeholders. Finally, it supported better utilization of European Union funds for innovative projects. End of 2010 KEN was established and is now registered in Brussels as a non-profit association. This is our response to a larger, global need to enhance and support efforts to build knowledge economy, not only at European, but at truly international level. Europe still has many assets to improve its competitiveness, but has become a different global player and needs to learn more from other dynamic economies. facebook twitter Flickr YouTube