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Benefits of Association with KEN Network

Registered in 2011 in Brussels as a non-profit association - with its predecessor EREF network (operated during 2005-2011 and focusing on role of human capital at the regional level) - KEN is a global, non-partisan, and non-political entity, supporting knowledge society and innovative economy. The Network is aiming  at lifting knowledge-based competitiveness at macroand microlevels – as well as their intricate interdependence –  interacting with and encouraging productive dialogue among policy makers, intermediaries and stakeholders. KEN is advocating transparency and consensual democracy, and a healthy balance between private initiative and public interest.

With its holistic approachKEN focuses on the following 4 pillars of knowledge economy: (1) education and training, (2) R&D, (3) innovation, and (4) entrepreneurship, as well as on identifying instruments of their mutual interaction within the innovation ecosystem. 

The mission of KEN is to support its members and partners in enhancing their ability to upgrade their innovation and knowledge-based  competitiveness. We encourage the use of common sense (which is unfortunately not so common) and sustainability -  in designing and implementing balanced development policies, beyond just GDP growth. We remind our  members to make happy and motivated people the ultimate goal  of their endeavours. 

Present in23 countries at all continents, the objectivesof KEN Network are connecting like-minded and compatible organisations, influential and creative individuals, and programmes worldwide. We act also as a network of networks, and facilitate result-oriented collaboration between policy makers and stakeholders, particularly from areas of business and research. 

General definition of Membership Services:

  • Awareness building and facilitating exchange of good and »next« practice;
  • Monitoring progress and dissemination of information on successful knowledge economy policies – emphasis on international rankings and recognition of the best performers;
  • Global promotion of the achievements of Network partners and members;
  • Consulting members on issues of their interest – using KEN Global Expert Pool;
  • Information on available international project funding based on IDOX data base and publications of »ResearchConnect«;
  • Protecting members' project ideas – through the »Save Ideas« system – being under  preparation;
  • Connecting members and supporting their joint projects;
  • Select dissemination of KEN publications among receipients of KEN Global Impact Group(currently about 3,500 in 65 countries).

Board of Directors: prof.dr.Boris Cizelj, chair; Nigel Birch, vice chair, Thomas Friis Konst, vice chair.

International Advisory Board – 11 members: prof.dr.Howard Alper, chair; prof.dr.Ramesh Mashelkar, vice chair. 

Benefits, Rights and Obligations by Type of Association with KEN

Benefits & Services

Type of association

Involvement in KEN management

Participation at events:

Annual Forum, Workshops, Policy Dialogues

Information Services:

Monthly Bulletin; Weekly Brief; Occasional Series

Other benefits

Annual Fee/





Not more than 2 accepted; Standard 3-year contract


Honorary President of KEN International Advisory



Member of Extended Board of Directors


Up to 10 participants


Unlimited number of recipients of all publications


Large logo at the top of all publications; 


Annually up to 50 consult. Hours free; 30 % discount on additional consul.hours and other services



50,000 €




Not more than 7 accepted;

Standard 3-year



Member of Extended Board of Directors


Up to 5 participants


Up to 10 recipients

(in case of associations all of their members)


Logo at the top of all KEN publications;


Annually up to 15 consultancy hours free;

20% discount on additional 

consult.hours and other services



15,000 €





2-3 participants


Up to 3 recipients of all publications for 12 months


Small logo at all KEN publications



At least 5,000€




Member of KEN General Meeting


1-2 participants


Approx. 3-5 recipients of all publications


Annually up to 5 consult. hours free; 10 % discount on 

additional consult.hours and other services


2,000 €

Associate Member

(restricted to entities who are members of KEN Partners)



1 recipient of regular publications


No direct fee to be paid facebook twitter Flickr YouTube