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KEN Awards 2013

Since 2005 at every annual Forum (initially called: EREF) presentation of good practice cases on knowledge economy performance have been part of the programme. With the new framework of KEN, an Award for the best contribution to knowledge society and economy has been launched, and the first Awards were presented at the 2011 KEN Forum on 7 June in Maribor, Slovenia.

The purpose of the Award is to acknowledge exceptional achievement of policy makers and performance of stakeholders in various fields of knowledge economy, with particular emphasis on human capital. The key criteria of selection are:  originality, effectiveness, andscope of impact of a certain policy, scheme or organisation, established with the purpose to contribute to knowledge economy developments in a country, a region, or a local community. It could also be an innovative strategy implemented very successfully in a private or public organisation. 

Through broad publicity and dissemination of information on why and how these cases stand out at the global level, KEN wishes to raise the awareness of the knowledge economy potential existing everywhere, if the right conditions are created to release the creative strength of people and their institutions. The key factor is of course the competent, innovative and motivated team with critical mass of needed leadership qualities.

Contrary to the prevailing practice, the KEN Awards are not limited or linked neither to Network membership, nor does it imply any costs for the entrants or laureates. 

In recognition of their exceptional achievements in the domains of knowledge economy, KEN awarded the following organizations on 22 October 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa:


Award Category

Receiver of the 2013 Award

Area of Contribution


Nordic Council of Ministers

Model of Entrepreneurship Education


YEDA R&D Co. of Weitzman Institute

Commercialization of R&D results


Indigenous Knowledge Systems Office

Innovation Support through Indigenous Know-How


Deutsche Telekom

Systematic Corporate Gender Diversity  Policy


Qatar Foundation

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