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Welcome to the Knowledge Economy Network!

What started out as the European Regional Economic Forum (EREF) in 2005 gradually evolved into a Network, with the Headquarters in Brussels  and the Secretariat being supported by the Slovenian Business & Research Association. As of January 2011, EREF evolved into the Knowledge Economy Network (KEN), registered in Brussels as a non-profit association. KEN is committed to contribute to strengthening knowledge economy and competitiveness by providing infomation, advice, networking and promotion support to its members worldwide.

KEN partners and Network Secretariat organize  Fora, Workshops and Policy Dialogues on various topics of knowledge economy. Network members and other participants come together in search of solutions for pertinent socio-economic and political problems experienced in the process of building and strengthening knowledge economy. Our gatherings benefit from carefully prepared documentation (select bibliographies, analytical compedia, and draft recommendations), and offer opportunities for open, analytical and interdisciplinary debate on pertinent issues.  

We systematically monitor for you hundreds of relevant periodicals, international reports and statistics, thereby saving your time and effort to properly understand the processes, problems and even “next practice” in building knowledge economy.

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